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Design Types was created in 2001 with a vision to supply high quality design within realistic budgets and that philosophy still stands today. Now with offices in the UK and New Zealand we can literally work in the future to meet your deadlines. This unique 24 hour service enables us to take care of all your needs and products – giving you the peace of mind for quality and delivery – every time. You can rely on us to care about your company, expand its creative growth, look to the future and help you to grow with your team. For more information simply call 01722 340700 day or night and chat to a designer.

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design & print

We create across a broad range of design and communication disciplines, both online and offline. We never shy away from a challenge, but we never bluff our way either. We want to give the best service possible to our clients so we don’t just use one specialist in their chosen field – we often use several!

At Design Types we are very set in our ways but never stuffy!  We don’t accept anything less than perfection from our printers and specialists – and they know it. By carefully project managing each and every job, regardless of cost or client location, we strive for competitive costing, excellent quality and fast on-time delivery every time. If our clients are happy – then we are super happy!


We are experts in providing a complete in-house website design solution. We host, design and develop highly intuitive websites with a focus on usability across multiple devices from desktop to tablet to mobile.

We recognise that your organisation’s identity and reputation rests not only on the quality of your service, but equally on your client’s perception of you. We don’t just dress mutton as lamb either, or have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we work with you to understand your market and unique selling points and push these to the front.

digital marketing

These days marketing is no longer about just having a standard desktop website presence, it’s all about spreading your message and content out to your target audience through multiple channels like blogs, social networks, newsletters and RSS feeds, all of which we can do for you!

Launching a successful and engaging digital campaign is reliant on intelligently creative content. Our gifted team of designers have skills in animation, copy writing, video production and development but above all we LOVE the web and have a real passion for what we do.

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web design

We focus on creating websites that are high quality, easy to use and responsive across all of the popular devices. Design Types has a real passion for all things web and we are genuinely excited about what it can offer our clients. We also offer amazing value professional hosting and domain management – meaning you can keep all your eggs in one basket!


we combine good copy writing and top web design with a focus on search engine optimisation. we make sure that the right techniques and marketing are put in place and base your website build around best seo practices. we can also look at how your website is currently performing at help you take the right steps in imporoving your rankings.



graphic design

We are an eager team that likes to muck in and get our hands dirty, at Design Types we want to learn about your business and meet your people to create a long and lasting working relationship. We are masters at creating stylish, influential and functional designs that ensure your business gets seen and heard, and with over 20 years professional experience as designers you can rest assured we can deliver the goods. We have worked with a wide array of businesses and on a variety of different materials from bus backs and billboards to business cards and brochures. We take branding seriously and will write as well as adhere to your brand guidelines making sure to always represent you in the best light.




We want to give the best service possible so we don’t just use one expert in their field – we use several! At Design Types we are constantly evolving and facing the changes in print and the internet everyday but the one thing we do not change – we don’t accept anything less than perfect from our printers – and they know it!

Our wealth of experience in the ever changing printing industry means we like to keep our eyes and ears open for the latest way to get that different eye-catching effect for our clients, at a price that they will like too.

We also believe in project managing each and every job, regardless of client location, ensuring they are happy with the cost, quality and delivery every time. We believe in care handling our clients as if they were personal friends, giving them the same service we would our friends – top notch!!

email marketing with mailmad

our sister company mailmad lets you send great looking, responsive, powerful & personalised email marketing campaigns. our dedicated designers will build you an email template based on your specification and branding. we make sure the design will stand out and target your desired audience. to get started with mailmad you’ll need to have a mailmad account set up. once set up we can begin creating your bespoke template. there are no hidden costs involved with setting up your account and designing your template and our support time is 100% free!

packaging & pos

Using our expertise and design experience, we create packaging and pos products to an excellent standard that is designed solely to appeal to the consumer and enhance the products branding in the marketplace.


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